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I met you at this year's Canoeacopia event in Madison and decided to purchase three Walleye Weapon kits. Serving as a "friendly reminder," five months later I noticed each kit was labeled with the respective lure weights and recommended usage dates. So this afternoon, my seven year old daughter accompanied me in my kayak out for a nice relaxing day of fishing at Lac LaBelle in Waukesha. Outfitted with only an ultra-light rod and reel, leeches and my box of Walleye Weapons, what followed was an extraordinary day of fishing. I kid you not, whether trolling or casting, within one to two minutes I was battling huge northern pike, walleye or white bass. Throughout the day, I found myself literally shaking from the adrenaline rush of a massive northern violently thrashing about the surface just a foot or two from our kayak often breaking the line. Wish I had a net today! Needless to say, my daughter was petrified of the horror unfolding before her eyes. After awhile, she was having the time of her life reeling in fish while giggling about in nervous excitement.
What I found fascinating is that we were the only ones in the area catching fish! Anyway after three hours, I exhausted my supply of leeches and it was time to head home. What a day! I'm now a huge fan of your lures and would recommend them to anyone. Just make sure to warn others that they should be prepared for other species of fish. Any suggestions for leaders would be greatly appreciated. Should I use a metal leader or a heavier strength line tied to a swivel?

Thanks again!
Dick Wartman

Just sent in another order. The red hooks and premium diamond blades on the sample weapons you sent me worked great last year late summer.
Water was really low last summer, 2’ in Onnie. Still killed the walleyes. My friend Gray Prybil who you meet in the Twin City’s went with me to the lake last year. He is a bottom bouncer with a little joe spinner type of fisherman. Within 20 minutes of fishing with me and the 6 walleye’s to none for me, he quickly asked if he to could use the Walleye Weapons that I was using. No surprise to me everyone I have fished with up there has changed the tactics they normally use to the Walleye Weapon method that I have been using now for 10 years. Makes me look like a fabulous guide.

Jim Jones

Thanks to your walleye weapon, I caught this 24 in walleye, and about 6 others similar to it with in 45 min. I look forward to doing more business with you. Hope to see you at the blueberry arts festival in ely.


Returned from South Lake Sunday and had to email you on what my fishing partner and I thought of the jigs we purchased. We managed to fish 6 of 7 days with the assortment of jigs I bought where we would typically go thru three times the amount of another type spinner headed jig and had great results no matter the color. Pink was probably the best for us with Clopatra coming in second. Can’t wait till next year to try the nickel blades along with the brass. We had NO hooks break and NO spinner failure which is common in mass produced equipment. I’ve attached a couple examples of the results we had using your products. I’d have to say keep up the good work!

Todd Remington

Cap'n Redbeard

You may not remember me but I purchased a few of your Walleye Weapons back in May or June before our annual fishing trip. One of my buddies, Brian, had recommended them to me.

Trip was a success, as always, and your lures were terrific. We were al using them. And I'll be putting together another order before next years to insure we have plenty.

In the meantime, I'm returning three of the lures for their 100 walleye tune up. They preformed admirably, didn't come off, and just need a little tuning up to go back for more.

Just kidding of course but thought you might like to see what they looked like after 100 fish. I'm not kidding about that. They were retied numerous times but held on.

Also a couple of pics. The one is 27.5", just short of a master. We also had several nice pike but 41" was the closet we came to another master this time.

Orange with a yellow and orange tail and a gold blade was the most productive. Tried them all but that color combination smoked the rest by far. I don't remember how many orange I ordered but I'm down to 5 and will stock up later.

Hope you had a good season and look forward to my next order.


Just a note to tell you the success I've had for two years in a row when using your WALLEYE WEAPONS jig on Canadian fishing trips.  With each of nine casts in a row, I brought in a 4-6 pound walleye!
You can be sure I'll carry a couple dozen WALLEYE WEAPONS in my tackle box on my next fishing trips!
Larry Smith

I love to fish and canoe the many remote lakes and rivers of northern Ontario and Manitoba. Traveling these wilderness areas by canoe means going light and taking only what is absolutely necessary. My fishing tackle, needless to say, is bare minimum. All my tackle (except my fishing pole and reel) could easily fit in a small shoe box--with room to spare. "Walleye Weapons" are first and last on my list of must have jigs. Simply put, "Walleye Weapons" work! Everyday, all day, lake or river, rain or shine, windy or calm. Guaranteed walleye! And, most importantly for me, GUARANTEED SUPPER! Always.
Phil Barth
North Freedom, Wisconsin

Thanks for giving us the jigs that you made for our canadian trip. As the pictures tell, they worked very well. We managed to catch our share of rocks as well. The big smallie was caught on a orange jig with a yellow tail, and one of the northerns on a pink jig with a white tail. My dad is excited to try a few with you up in the wilds of Canada. The jigs you gave us fit the name walleye weapon very well, as we were able to catch walleye for dinner every night right in front of our campsite, but could also carry the name jack weapon and bass weapon. They were all around terrific lures, and we plan to keep fishing them.
Thanks again,
Zach and Simon

I could not even catch a walleye until I started using your Walleye Weapons. Now I catch almost all I want.

I started fishing with my friend, Don, alias Cap’n Redbeard, many years ago. We started fishing for walleye on Lake Wisconsin using jigs. As I was novice Don was always able to out-fish me. I attributed this to his technique and having a home on the lake, thus knowing what specific color of jig to use was why he was so productive. After a few years we ventured north to the wilds of Canada in unfamiliar waters. Now we each had our own new solo canoes and ventured out alone to catch the elusive walleye. Don still seemed to be able to consistently catch more fish than me when we returned for our walleye fish meal. I was appreciative that he always shared his catch for this meal even if my contribution wasn’t much. One-day Don wasn’t feeling well and wanted to stay in camp to recuperate. Before I set out he said he had some jigs he wanted me to try. This was the day the” Walleye Weapon” secret emerged. So I took the jigs and noticed that they had a small spinner blade, where as mine did not. After fishing where I had previously caught walleye before, and not having any luck after several minutes I was about to move to a new location. When I picked up my paddle I saw one of his jigs on the bottom of the canoe. I decided to tie this jig on and give it a try just to tell him that I used one of his jigs. To my surprise I caught several fish in this same location. The only difference between my jigs and his were the small spinner blades. Now, several years later, I catch nearly as many walleye as my friend Don. I’m sure my technique has improved but the constant is using the same jig with the spinner blades. In fact these jigs have on some occasions allowed me to be the main one to share my catch for the fresh walleye feast. Today this jig is the most productive lure in my tackle box. Now would you hide secret bait from your friend just so you could catch more fish? Well the secret is out; now it is time for you to decide.

Hi Don,
The walleye weapons I purchased from you last spring worked very well. As you know, each year I take an annual Canadian fly-in trip to fish for walleye and northern. I had plenty of opportunities to try the walleye weapon out. It worked excellent for walleyes but also for northern. The spinner is certainly an added attraction that draws the fish to the bait much more so than a regular jig. Usually I put a minnow on the walleye weapon but when we ran low on live bait I just added a flip-tail like you suggested and that worked almost as well. I certainly out-fished my buddies that were using regular store bought jigs. One of the fellows that I have been going to Canada with for many years now is a very competitive fisherman. One morning while we were fishing together I was catching two to three fish for each one of his. The difference was that I was using the walleye weapon. He quickly became a believer in that lure. When I gave him a walleye weapon on loan, he started catching as many fish as I was. Incidentally, I tried all the different colors and the brighter ones seemed to be more effective in the darkly stained waters. I caught numerous northern on the walleye weapon as well, considerably more than just a regular jig and minnow. Clearly they also are very attached to the spinner.
I just wanted to let you know that you have come up with a winning combination. Keep up the good work!!
Ron Martin
Aquatic invasive species coordinator
Wisconsin DNR

Hey Cap'n,
I took an assortment of your "Walleye Weapons" up north (Northern Manitoba) and I was the provider of meals. I consistently out fished our group on walleyes in the 22-26" range. We were in a restricted area where live bait was illegal. I would tip the "Walleye Weapon" with a twister tail and just hammer the fish. I can only imagine what live bait might have done.
Keep up the good work!
Marty Wimmer
National Accounts Manager
Alkar-RapidPak, Inc.
Lodi, WI


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